Ariel Paramastya, Steven Chandra, Wijoyo Niti Daton, Sudjati Rachmat


Economic optimization of an oil and gas project is an obligation that has to be done to increase overall profi t, whether the fi eld is still economically feas ible or the fi eld has surpassed its economic limit. In this case, a marginal fi eld was
chosen for the study. In this marginal fi eld EOR methods have been used to boost the production rate. However, a full scale EOR method might not be profi table due to the amount of resources that is required to do it. Alternatively, Huff and Puff method is an EOR technique that is reasonable in the scope of single well. The Huff and Puff method is an EOR method where a single well serves as both a producer and an injector. The technique of Huff and Puff: (1) The well is
injected with designed injection fl uid, (2) the well is shut to let the fl uid to soak in the reservoir for some time, and (3) the well is opened and reservoir fl uids are allowed to be produced. The injection fl uid (in this case, nano surfactant) is hypothesized to reduce interfacial tension between the oil and rock, thus improving the oil recovery. In this study, the application of Huff and Puff method using Nanoparticles (NPs) as the injected fl uid, as a method of improving oil recovery is presented in a case study of a fi eld in South Sumatra. The study resulted that said method yields an optimum Incremental Oil Production (IOP) in which the economic aspect gain more profi t, and therefore it is considered feasible to be applied in the fi eld.


Huff n Puff, Nano Surfactant, Tegangan Permukaan

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