The Effects of Combination of Steam Flooding, CO2 and Cyclic Steam Stimulation Injection Pilot Test in Heavy Oilfield in Sudan

Mohammed Abdalraheem, Sutopo Sutopo, Ivan Kurnia


Applications of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) are highly required and needed in Sudan to keep oil supply at stable levels. ”FUL” Oilfield in Sudan has shallow reservoir affected by big boundary and bottom water drive with high crude oil viscosity. This research, through a comprehensive analysis of the current producing wells, perforation intervals, CO2 temperature analysis, steam parameters optimization which using two approaches (deterministic and stochastic) were analyzed, using a combination of continues steam flooding, CO2 assisted steam flooding, and cyclic steam stimulation in the pilot test sector. CMG-STARS and CMOST AI simulators software was used in this study. By determining recovery factor (RF) as objective function. It could conclude that: CO2 assisted steam flooding even it could decrease the water cut, but its effect to increase the oil recovery factor is not considerable. Continuous steam flooding has the best oil recovery from these three methods.


Heavy-Oil, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), Steam Flood, Recovery Factor (RF), CO2, CSS, CMG, CMOST.

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